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Top 5 Jobs for People Who Enjoy Public Speaking

While public speaking ranks high among American’s top fears, there are certainly those who love the limelight of giving speeches in front of an audience. Effective public speaking skills are important for many reasons such as securing a job, business success, and others. Although most recruiters don’t search for employment in public speaking specifically, it is a skill that many professions require. The talented writer and speaker Lawrence Mitchell recommends you consider the following professions in which having outstanding public speaking skills is essential.



Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker, your job is to inform, persuade, and motivate audiences. And it takes more than just your voice; you also need to use energy and charism. As a motivational speaker, you can speak in front of various organizations and businesses for different purposes. For example, you may speak in front of a business to discuss the company’s goals and how to achieve them. While motivational speaking doesn’t require a formal education, you do need experience and to have a knack for speaking in front of large audiences.

News Reporter


Reporters certainly need to have good public speaking skills, as they interview and communicate with different people on a daily basis. As a news reporter, it will be your job to interview and talk with individuals in the community and inform the public about news and events happening in the area. You’re responsible for accurate, appropriate, and concise story delivery.

Sales Representative

It’s often easy to identify someone who works in sales. As a sale representative it is your responsibility to persuade people to do or buy something, depending on the field you work in. For example, if you work for a car dealership, you will need great public speaking skills to provide customers with sound information, answer their questions confidently, and ultimately persuade them to purchase a vehicle.


As a teacher, you speak in front of students on a daily basis. Regardless of what grade level you teach, you will need to write and produce material that caters to your classroom audience. Your words must engage and influence students, interest them in the subject matter, and motivate them to succeed academically.




Politicians are known for giving speeches, so public speaking is an essential skill in this role. Politicians must to engage with their local community, keeping them in the loop about the latest changes and upcoming events. When it comes time for voting, they have to deliver stellar persuasive speeches in order to win the vote of the community.

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