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Tips for Writing a Better Speech Title


If your speech is going to be marketed in any way, it’s important to create a powerful and memorable speech title. For example, your speech title may be listed in a printed program at a conference, where it can help entice people to come listen to your presentation. Instances in which the presenter is being introduced by someone else also require a compelling speech title to gain the audience’s interest.

To help you come up with a unique and captivating speech title, follow these tips from professional public speaker Lawrence Mitchell:

  1. Be relevant – While you want your speech title to intrigue the audience, it must remain relevant to the subject of your speech. You don’t want to disappoint listeners by promising information that you never unveil. If questions are raised by your title, they should be answered in your speech. Your title should relate to your speech’s content, theme or message in some way.
  1. Be captivating – Your title should be interesting, enticing and memorable. The title should indicate the subject of your speech without revealing too much. Leave it to their imagination so that they will be intrigued to want to know more.
  1. Be brief – If your speech title is going to be listed in a printed program, it’s best to keep it brief. The most effective speech titles are brief and eye-catching. The longer the title, the fewer people will read it.
  1. Be original – Overused titles are boring. Avoid titles like “Stress Management 101″ or “The Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet”. Instead, utilize your subject to make a title that’s original and appealing.
  1. Be clear – Unless the subject matter requires it, write a speech title in plain English. You want the title to be easy to read and simple for the person introducing you to pronounce. If your speech title must include a foreign word or uncommon name, provide a phonetic representation of the word and speak to the person before you are introduced.
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