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Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Your Writing


Today we live in a digital world where social media plays an important role. While many social media networks were originally intended for making social connections, they have expanded into an essential marketing platform for businesses and individuals alike.

Whether you’re the author of a young adult science fiction novel, or a series of essays discussing the implications of capitalism, you should be utilizing social media to promote and share your writing. Social platforms will help you boost your exposure, target your readership and, of course, grow your book sales. They can also help you generate a following and position yourself as a leader within your genre or industry.

To help you get started on social media, consider these tips from award-winning writer Lawrence Mitchell for promoting your book using various social platforms:


With over 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a valuable marketing platform for writers and authors. If you already have a personal profile, you can click “Create a Page” under the main menu bar and choose author under the “Artist, Band or Public Figure” category. Once you create your account, make sure your profile is complete with a cover photo and profile picture, as well as a biography with a link to your website and where to purchase your books. When sharing content on all social media networks, avoid being overly promotion. Instead, share your blog posts, news articles related to your genre or industry, photos of recent press coverage and events, videos, upcoming events and giveaways.


Another useful social platform for authors and writers is Twitter. With Twitter you can share pictures and videos, but your content has to be fewer than 140 characters. Like with Facebook, you can utilize Twitter to share recent news, announce events and special promotions and share your press coverage and blogs. What sets Twitter apart from Facebook is the #hashtag. Create a hashtag for each specific book or event. The hashtag will catch on and others will begin to use it when talking about your book or event. People can simply click on the hashtag and see what others are saying about it.


LinkedIn is a social media network specifically designed for the business community. While you may already have a LinkedIn account for your day job, be sure you are using LinkedIn to network yourself as an author and expert within your field. Make sure your profile is complete and contains your recent works. Journalists frequently use LinkedIn to search for experts on subjects they are writing about, so be sure to include your book’s topic or your area of expertise in the professional headline to make you easily searchable.

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