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5 Tips for Promoting Your Book Online


Along with book signings and trade shows, it’s important for authors to promote their books online. Today, people spend most of their time with digital media, making the Internet an essential tool for targeting readers and getting your name out there. There are countless ways you can market your book online, but here are some of the methods award-winning writer Lawrence Mitchell has found most effective.

  1. Start early – It’s best to start marketing your book several months before its release. Your pre-launch marketing efforts will help generate buzz about your book and make people interested in picking it up once it’s available.
  1. Utilize social media – Social media is a valuable tool for book marketing. You can use social media to promote your book’s launch date, as well as your upcoming events and public appearances. When posting to social media, be sure to engage your audience, rather than simply promoting your book. You can provide information that’s relevant to your book and its theme, without blatantly saying, “Buy my book.” Posting interesting and relevant content and images can also help grow your following.
  1. Stimulate conversations – Create a Twitter hashtag about the theme of your book to stimulate a conversation. It’s also beneficial to contribute to online forums that pertain to your book’s theme or subject. Contribute valuable information and advice on a regular basis to establish a strong relationship with its members. This will position you as credible within your industry and serve as a great way to promote your book and request book reviews, which leads me to my next point.
  1. Generate book reviews – People turn to book reviews to find out more about a book and whether it’s worth the read. Ask several of your friends and colleagues to write an honest review of your book.
  1. Create an author website – Having an author website is essential. Your website is the primary place where readers, reporters and booksellers will go for more information about you and your book.

By utilizing these 5 tips from Lawrence Mitchell, you’ll be able to effectively promote your book online.

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