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4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Writing


Being an effective writer is an important skill everyone should master. Whether you want to become a famous novelist or better convey your thoughts on paper, there are several things you can do to improve your work. Becoming a great writer takes time, knowledge and practice, and with these steps from acclaimed writer Lawrence Mitchell, you can work on improving your craft.

  1. Keep a journal: In order to improve your writing, you need to write often, and an easy way to write every day is by keeping a journal. When writing in your journal, let your thoughts and ideas flow freely. While encouraging you to write, a journal can also help you generate new ideas for your next book or blog post.
  1. Read daily: Along with writing on a regular basis, you should also be reading. Don’t just stick to the same kind of writing material. Instead, diversify what you read, including nonfiction and creative writing. Whether you’re reading a news article or fiction novel, analyze the author’s writing. Dissect everything from the author’s tone and writing style to word choice and sentence structure. Doing this can help you discover what writing tactics work and which don’t and apply that knowledge to your own work.
  1. Proofread aloud: Whether you’re writing an email or essay, proofread your work aloud whenever possible. Reading your work out loud allows you to pick up on mistakes you may not have noticed otherwise. For instance, proofreading aloud may help you detect a run-on sentence or incorrect word choice that you’re eyes skimmed over.
  1. Join a writing workshop: Writing workshops can be extremely beneficial and fun. You can get valuable feedback on your work and connect with fellow writers who are willing to share their tips and tricks. You’ll not only enhance your writing skills, but also you’ll make great contacts.

Being a strong writer is an invaluable skill to have. With these simple steps, you really enhance your work and be on your way to becoming a great writer.


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