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Welcome to, the home page dedicated to award-winning writer and international speaker, Lawrence E. Mitchell. Mitchell has had a lifelong love affair with the written word. He read voraciously as a child, and began experimenting with various forms of writing in his early teens. He wrote constantly as an undergraduate at Williams College, where he produced his first full-length work. As he matured, he worked to develop his own distinctive writing style and dedicated his enormous discipline and focus to adapting his unique voice to various forms of non-fiction and poetry. One who reads across Mitchell’s work will easily recognize the combination of humor, grace, honest emotion, and conversational ease that characterizes all of his writing. Lawrence has published six books and numerous articles, with more in progress. He has recently turned to the project of making his poetry accessible to a general audience, even as he continues to hone his craft.

Mitchell’s love of writing transcends form and boundary, allowing him to work in several different media. From popular and scholarly books, critical writing on music, art, literature, and travel, to poetry and scholarly papers, Mitchell’s skill has yet to find a form it couldn’t master. As a result, he has found audiences around the world, from New York to Beijing. Many critics have jokingly said that other writers could learn from the Lawrence Mitchell Law, which is the discipline of producing work outside one’s own comfort zone to improve otherwise untested skills. Mitchell and his work have had a profound effect on many readers, as well as the world they share.

While Mitchell’s non-fiction is wide-ranging, he has a particular interest in capitalism, economics, social justice, contemporary thought, history, and law, typically in combination. He has dedicated substantial amounts of his writing to an attempt to restore American capitalism to its productive and sustainable roots.

Mitchell is available for speaking engagements and seminars for audiences of any size on the topics of his interest. He is also available to help with your writing projects.